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Your 'About me' page - the top way to capture attention

Your profile isn’t complete if you haven't filled in your 'About me' page. Here are seven top tips for making the most of it.

Your 'About me' page - the top way to capture attention

1. Your personal shop window

You might be able to can tell someone what they want to know when the time comes, but you need to attract their attention in the first place -, and that’s what your 'About me' page is for. You are not expected to give too much away, and you’ll discuss things in more detail in your first messages to each other, but your 'About me' page can encourage people to get in touch with you - and make you stand out on any list of recommended partners.

2. Be yourself - and be upbeat

Don't worry about having to talk yourself up - just be yourself - but remember that negative thinking has no place on your 'About me' page. Don't gripe about your boss, bemoan unsuccessful dates or express a desire to turn back time. After all, you don't want to look as though you need to be saved from a sad fate. We all have our ups and downs, of course, but if you're feeling a bit low for any reason, keep well away from your 'About me' page. Turn your thoughts to it when you’re feeling good about life.

3. Be unique

You want your 'About me' page to express who you are as an individual, and a good way to start is to note down a few thoughts inspired by the section headers on the page. Then, test their impact by asking yourself whether someone you know moderately well would be likely to say the same ... Look at it this way: nearly everybody likes a sunny day or dreams of waking up next to someone they love. So, if you’ve written something like that, it’s worth thinking again: come up with something that makes you stand out from the crowd.

4. Make it real

Bring what you say to life by making it specific … For instance, don’t just say you have a sweet tooth - say you like toffee pudding and custard. Everybody likes to travel … so say - for example - that you like archaeological sites where you can picture how people used to live thousands of years ago. Rather than just saying you can’t stand pretention, say you can’t understand some people’s obsession with designer labels; and when it comes to describing your perfect day, think about a wonderful day you have actually experienced and recount aspects of it.

5. Don’t make yourself into a goody-goody

It's not a good idea to appear holier than thou on your 'About me' page. For instance, where you are asked to mention to things from which you could never be parted, don't say that you could quite happily do without material things (apart, perhaps from your contact lenses). If you are deeply attached to your childhood toys or never go anywhere without your camera, say so - they could provide the hook for some interesting correspondence with your matches.

6. Give yourself a face

If you've got just five words to describe what you look like, you could always write "I look just great, actually" … But seriously, avoid vague generalities like 'presentable'. Again it’s a question of being concrete and specific. Mention the first things that someone would notice about you … hair colour, height or your personal style. Give other people something to latch onto, so to speak. One of the reasons this section is important is that it appears on the first page of your profile. Maybe ask your friends for their thoughts - they might well have a good idea of how you can show yourself off to your best.

7. Think of the person reading it

The last section, 'What my future partner should know about me', is the ideal place for adding information you haven't been able to place elsewhere in your profile. This is where you can mention, say, what you are looking for in a partner or what your feelings are on long-distance relationships. You can clarify issues or pre-empt questions: "I'd like someone who lives in the North, because that's where I want to live in the foreseeable future," or "I'm separated, but the divorce is going through", or you can comment on the results of your Parship test. Try and look at your profile through the eyes of someone who doesn't (yet) know very much about you. You can be ready to experiment with 'About me' too: you can change it any time, so get cracking on it now!

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