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Gina, 39 & Darren, 45

Gina, 39, is a credit controller and Darren, 45, is a kitchen worktop fabricator

Gina & Darren

“Six months after our initial meeting I moved in as we both felt it was the right time and just wanted to be together full-time. Seventeen months after meeting I fell pregnant (planned!) and 19 months after meeting we got engaged.   We now have a lovely daughter...


"After one failed marriage (Darren) and two failed long term relationships (Gina) we decided to try internet dating, both of us had tried other sites but without much success. A friend had told me about the site a few months prior to me joining - I had never heard of Parship before so decided to give the personality test a go then decided to join for one month - I received a couple of ice breaker questions from two other people and then I received Darren's questions. If my memory serves me correctly we only matched on one answer and I do remember thinking "well, I won't hear from him again". But I did, and he sent me me an email and I replied. A few emails were sent back and forth, we then did the photo reveal with fingers crossed! We both liked the look of each other and I decided to ask for his number and said that I would call.




We ended up speaking that afternoon for an hour or so and decided to meet up. There was an 80+ mile difference between us and I suggested that I come down one afternoon and we'd go for a drink. After getting lost I did find the pub we had agreed to meet in - I stayed for an hour and then left (it was the August bank holiday) - we started texting each other that night. We arranged for Darren to come up to mine the following Saturday - which he did and we had a lovely day walking my dog, going to the pub and then going for dinner.


I went to Darren's again that following Sunday and so our relationship slowly begun. We were both hesitant at first as we both had previous bad experiences of relationships - I think our weekly Wednesday evening 2 to 3 hour telephone conversations put us both at ease as we slowly opened up to each other.


We saw each other every weekend but it was getting harder and harder every Sunday evening when one of us had to leave. A good couple of months after meeting we chatted about how we were going to move forward and progress as we did not want just to spend the next year or two seeing each other only at the weekends. But who would move? I decided to move me and dog the 80 miles as my job could cope with the distance.


We get on so well and love each other very much - we are both delighted that we finally met one another. Neither of us had children; due to my age at the time of us meeting (36), I thought it was unlikely I would met a man with no children. For me it was a real bonus to have found Darren - as it was for him as he felt the same way about wanting to meet a woman with no children but thought it unlikely due to his age (42). If it had not been for Parship we both believe that there was no way we would have bumped into each other in normal circumstances".

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The Parship principle

The Parship principle

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The Parship principle

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